[IELTS Speaking] Part 2: A place near water

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Describe a place near water (such as a river, a lake or the ocean) that you enjoyed visiting.

You should say:

Where this place was

What you did at this place

Who you went there with

And explain why you liked this place

1.    1 Minute Preparation

Where: such a beautiful long beach - Trà Cổ; 10-15 mins from city

Activities: enjoy leisure moments (tranquil atmosphere & outstanding view; sand glitters like the diamonds, water, the sky); events and festivals;

Who: my family or friends (make monuments with the sands, sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, fishing…)

2.    Sample Answer

“I am now living in a pretty small city which is located in the north of VN. It might be considered as a boring city for some people. But you know, there is a saying: "Every destination has a hidden charm, if you look for it you'll find it." I really want to say thank Mother Nature for giving us such a beautiful long beach which is named Trà Cổ. Does it sound weird right? It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes by car to get there from the centre of my city. Like me, many other citizens go to enjoy their leisure moments at this beach, due to its tranquil atmosphere and outstanding view. There are no words can describe entirely the natural beauty surrounding the shore, the sand glitters like the diamonds, the water is so fresh and clear that we could see the sky reflecting on it, the sky looks gorgeous and so bright with the sun. Different events and festivals are arranged by the side of the beach and people from different parts of the country come to take part in those celebrations. Most of them usually begin in the early morning, then runs until sunset. A large portion of my child hood's sweet memories had happened there. I used to go to the beach with my family or friends, we enjoyed many activities together, like making monuments with the sands, sunbathing, playing beach volleyball... and fishing is on top of the list. The natural scenery of the sea is really something that worth visiting at least once. You will feel at home with the hospitality of people there. And I’m pretty sure that its attraction will take your heart away” 

3.    Vocabulary

-       hidden charm: vẻ đẹp tiềm ẩn

-       Mother Nature: Mẹ Thiên Nhiên

-       leisure moments: Khoảnh khắc thư giãn

-       tranquil: Thanh bình, yên bình

-       outstanding: = great

-       the sand glitters like the diamonds: Cát lấp lánh như kim cương

-       sunbath: tắm nắng

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