[IELTS Speaking] Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education

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1. 1-minute preparation

-       Minh- significant impact upon my study path- the most inspirational

-       Secondary school time – grade 6-8 – the same mathematics mentor- teaching methodology- theoretical and boring – never been a fan of math – number puzzle me- altered at grade 9- new teacher – more interesting- Minh- the former retired

-       Ironwoman- voice has authority, so powerful - a glimpse at us- freak us out- teaching methodology awesome – engage students- get everyone to involve in- hard theory into fluffy – hilarious story

-       Dedicated teacher- get exposed to her students – dedicated not merely teaching and learning at school- accompany activity- be out of the woods- family affairs – exemplary model – influential teacher.

2.    Transcripts

I’m going to give a speech about my teacher who has a significant impact on my study path. Her name is Minh whom I possibly regard as the most inspirational teacher ever within my life.

To get started, I might want to reach the situation in which I got to know her. Let’s get back a bit to my secondary school time. From the grade 6 to 8, we had the same mathematics mentor whose teaching methodology is totally theoretical and boring. To be honest, I had never been a big fan of math, if I don’t wanna say I have no idea of it. So anything related to number would definitely puzzle me. But everything’s apparently altered since grade 9. Minh was our new math teacher, believe me, she is much more interesting because the former one retired.

To continue the speech, I would love to mention what made her so special, I mean what made her “her”. Mrs iron woman, that’s how we address her.  Unlike another ordinary female teacher, her voice has such an authority, I mean so powerful., just a glimpse at us from her would freak us out. Speaking of her teaching methodology, it was awesome. She knew how to engage her students and got everyone involved in. I Think She was so brilliant on turning the hard theory into the fluffy one by telling some hilarious story surrounding it.

Finally, If I still have time I would like to explain why she had a massive motivation towards me.  I can tell that she is a very dedicated teacher who always tried to get exposed to her own students as much as possible. What I mean by the word dedicate here is not merely teaching and learning activity at school anymore. It flourished up to accompany the activity. She was the one to help me be out the woods in terms of family affairs. This iron woman is an exemplary model for being an influential teacher.

3.    Vocabulary. 

  • family affairs (phrase): chuyện gia đình
  • flourish(v) : phát triển
  • dedicated (ad): tận tụy
  • fluffy = silky (ad) : mềm mại
  • has an authority (phrase):  có tiếng nói, có chức trách
  • Puzzle (v): làm khó
  • Methodology(n): cách, phương pháp
  • Inspirational = influential (ad) :  có sức ảnh hưởng
  • Theoretical (ad): lý thuyết
  • Alter(v) : thay đổi
  • glimpse (v): liếc
  • motivation (n): động lực
  • get exposed to (phrs): tiếp xúc vơi
  • be out the woods (IDM): vượt qua khó khăn.
  • exemplary (ad): điển hình.




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